America’s best Locksmiths are joining LockAware because we’re doing something new.
LockAware is building a movement that will reclaim billions of dollars in lost revenue from “scammers” and redistribute it amongst America’s most Proficient, Ethical, and Trusted Locksmiths.

Consider us your new marketing team, business development champion, lobbyist, and partner for growth.
— Marty Chaskin, Co-Founder & CEO of LockAware


Our team and advisors have deep and diverse backgrounds in:

Technology, Media, Corporate Law, Advertising, Business Development, Locksmithing, Military, Government, and of course, Physical Security.

We believe anything is possible as long as we work hard and work together to bring physical security into the 21st century.

LockAware partners with ethical and experienced Locksmiths and Security Professionals who share our "can-do" mindset progressive vision for the future of physical and multi-layer security.


Reclaiming the majority of the multi-billion Residential market from scammers would put about $1.2 million into each of America's 3500 real Locksmith businesses annually -- assuming each can handle all the work!

By unifying America's ethical and proficient Locksmiths, LockAware is developing the nationwide platform necessary to transform consumer awareness around locksmiths and physical security.

Also, as our network grows, LockAware will continue to negotiate network discounts on hardware, automobiles / maintenance, cell phones, insurance, bonding, and more!

Building the most loved and trusted brand in security

LockAware's roadmap for the Locksmith / Physical Security "Industry of Tomorrow" is fueled by trust, education, co-operation, technology, and social awareness around Physical Security.

We're not owned or funded by any major Security Industry incumbent, we are a 100% independent team of people who have intimately been affected by locksmith scams at their worst, and seen American Locksmithing at its best. 

Working together

Knowing scammers well, as we do, LockAware sees "competition" among real American Locksmiths in any market as friendly-competition. 

LockAware urges Locksmiths to recognize scammers as the only harmful / unfair competition that exists today as scammers are responsible for taking tens of thousands of calls each day away from real Locksmiths.

As LockAware takes market share back from scammers and redistributes work to real Locksmiths, they and their "friendly competitors" across town will be working closely together to address the overwhelming amount demand for Locksmiths generated each day throughout America.

The only way to get there is to start working together today.

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