The LockAware Guarantee

  1. LockAware Verified Locksmiths: When it comes to your security, you simply cannot trust the internet. In early 2016, New York Times exposed "Fake Online Locksmiths."

    Only LockAware goes offline to ensure that each of our LockAware Verified Locksmith Partners are:

    1. Actual Locksmiths
    2. Licensed (State & Local, where applicable)
    3. Background Checked (FBI LiveScan & DOJ)
    4. Covered by General Liability Insurance (minimum $1,000,000)
    5. Respected and Accepted (among professional peers and industry associations)
  2. All services obtained via LockAware are backed by our 90-day labor guarantee.
  3. LockAware is a values-led company committed to helping people improve their security
  4. Most online locksmiths are fake (see video below,) LockAware helps you avoid fake locksmiths and their unacceptable (and costly) business practices.

One-in-ten locksmiths online are real. 
Most homes in America lack adequate physical security.
Most people are unaware that real Locksmiths can improve home security.

We started LockAware in 2014 to help people find trustworthy locksmiths.

Today, we are dedicated to improving the security of homes and communities by connecting people with our best-in-class locksmiths to better understand and improve their physical security.
— Marty Chaskin, Co-Founder & CEO of LockAware

Our Story

  • In 2012, LockAware's founders, Kevin and Marty were hired to work at an "English speaking" call center while living abroad.

  • Months later, Marty confirmed a suspicion that the call center was responsible for coordinating "locksmith scams" in the United States. 

  • In Spring-2014, the co-founders decided to take action and help people avoid the type of locksmith scams that they witnessed first hand.

  • Late-2014, LockAware was established in Los Angeles.

  • In early-2015, LockAware joined the Preccelerator® Program at Stubbs, Alderton, & Markiles in Santa Monica.

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