Scammers will charge you to destroy your property...

if you let them.

In January we had a new customer reach out to us about opening a hidden floor-safe that he discovered at a property that he manages. We asked him to send us a picture of the safe and he sent us the above picture of a Major brand floor-safe with a quarter inch hole drilled above the "40" on the dial.

When we asked him about the hole, he told us that he had first called a "locksmith" that he found online who had said that he could open the safe. The "locksmith" drilled his hole in the wrong place which ruined this ~$5000 safe and engaged tamper-resistant hardware within the safe making it 5x more difficult for a real safe technician to open. 

All too often we see pictures and hear reports of safes and locks that have been drilled, mangled, torched, pried, and otherwise damaged or destroyed by people who represent themselves as safe technicians, but who are not actually professional safe technicians.

More often than not, these people actually have the nerve to ask for money after they've destroyed a perfectly good safe like the one pictured — all too often, customers pay them!

In this case, the "locksmith" charged his victim $800 to needlessly destroy the irreplaceable Major brand floor-safe.


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