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The Problem:

America's most trusted websites are inundated with "scammers."


Over the past two decades fake online "locksmiths" adept at online ad placement, SEO, and fraud have taken control of Residential and Automotive Locksmithing in America. 

Over the past several years as experienced American Locksmiths have begun to retire from trade at an accelerated rate, these unqualified "locksmiths" are gaining commercial marketshare.

There is a high probability that commercial properties under your management are currently not up to code as a result of locking or door hardware installed at some point by fraudulent “locksmiths.”


The Risk(s):

There are a number of problems with hiring scammers / unqualified locksmiths:


1. In some states it's illegal to hire unlicensed locksmiths and doing so could result in fines and penalties for your organization.

2. Proficient Commercial Locksmiths can identify and make recommendations to correct code compliance issues.

Unqualified "locksmiths" cannot.

3. Unqualified "locksmiths" cut corners which can increase your liability for damages or losses arising from:

faulty / improperly installed / maintained hardware
compliance-related building closures
compliance-related litigation

4. Scammers needlessly destroy or replace good hardware in order to sell their junk hardware for the price of Grade-1 hardware.

5. Scammers do not pay taxes and funnel their money overseas, shorting not only the hard-working ethical Locksmiths who deserve your business, but also our economy.

6. If scammers or fly by night "locksmiths" have rekeyed a lock onto your master-key system, your security could be compromised facility-wide or portfolio-wide depending on your master-key system.


Simplify Security and work with Vetted Locksmiths

LockAware provides our clients with a holistic approach to basic and complex security needs leveraging our diverse and distributed trusted security network

LockAware is:


Committed to delivering courteous and informative technicians who are always licensed, qualified, and insured for the job.

Service Oriented to ensure that our clients are always 100% satisfied with services provided by our network.

Available to answer questions, solve problems, source experts, and generate solutions as needed.

Dependable beyond expectation with an enhanced labor warranty and a firm pledge to long-term client retention.

A Values-led Security Network whose members abide by LockAware's  "Code of Ethics and Standards"


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