El Segundo, CA


Elyse Rothstein is the owner of Industrial Lock and Security in El Segundo. Elyse and her team are expert Locksmiths who provide trustworthy and informative security services to their clients.

Elyse grew up in Los Angeles and became a locksmith at the age of 23. By the time she was 26, Elyse bought an established locksmith business from her boss and mentor.

Today Industrial Lock and Security employs a team 9 ethical and proficient locksmiths and is one of the top Lock Shops in the Los Angeles area.

"Industrial Lock and Security joined LockAware to take a stand against "fake internet locksmiths" that exploit customers and hurt real Locksmith businesses. LockAware helps our customers find us and avoid the fake listings online.

The LockAware team is working on unique new strategies to engage the public and connect them with the best Locksmiths around.

With America's most ethical and proficient Locksmiths joining the LockAware Security Network, we will finally be able to work together to preserve our trade enhance the security of the communities we serve.

— Elyse Rothstein


Elyse Rothstein - Industrial Lock & Security, El Segundo, CA

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