Finding good Locksmiths is hard work. We know, because it's all we do.

Leave the task of sourcing great Locksmiths to us, so you can focus on other stuff.

Why is it so hard to find a Locksmith?
Basically -- online search results for Locksmiths are diluted by hundreds of thousands of false advertisements for fake "locksmiths." (For an comparison of Locksmiths vs. "locksmiths" see *this page*) These fraudulent ads, business pages, profiles, and listings proliferate every nook and cranny of the "trusted web" (yes, even the red Y, Angie's special list, and our favorite "oogle.")

Even worse, the perpetrators of the fraudulent "locksmith" listings a.k.a. "the scammers" have wiggled their way onto the lists of America's leading Locksmith associations and organizations... Yikes! If you happen to utilize one of these fake "locksmiths" chances are very high that you will pay $$$$ for work that you don't need, hardware you don't need, shoddy work, or any combination of the three.

At LockAware we're curating the most ethical and experienced Locksmiths and Door Hardware Professionals in America and putting them at your fingertips.

Avoid the headache and confusion, save your company time and money, and support the American Locksmith Industry by simply choosing LockAware for all your Locksmith and Door Hardware needs.

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