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Many of America's best locksmiths are threatened by unprecedented levels of fraudulent advertising, and unqualified online competition. We started LockAware to prevent these skilled American Locksmiths from being forced out of business by "scammers."


Securing our future

Locksmithing is a vital skilled-trade upon which we all rely for physical security. America currently faces a shortage of Locksmiths. The root cause of this problem is a lack of young Americans adopting the Locksmithing trade and the high average age (58 years old) of currently practicing Locksmiths. 

LockAware is restoring the natural financial ecosystem that will support a thriving network of Safe and Trusted Modern American Locksmiths who will secure the American public well into the future until it is time for them to pass down their trade to even more modern security experts.

LockAware is committed to providing Americans with Safe access to Trusted Security Professionals for years to come.


Supporting Skilled-Trades

We've all heard about "America's skilled-trades deficits." But how do these deficits actually effect us? 

An unchecked decline in the number of Skilled American Tradespeople will result in more fraud (like locksmith scams) and the continued decay of American critical infrastructure (water, gas, electrical, fiber optics, etc.) The only solution to these deficits it to change public perception of "blue-collar" skilled-trades, and make them a viable and appealing educational and occupational path for America's youth once more. 

LockAware is committed to the "PR Campaign for Work."  It's time to encourage young Americans to pursue valuable careers in Skilled-Trades again.



Many of America's currently practicing Locksmiths learned Locksmithing following their discharge from the military after the Vietnam War. Today those Locksmiths are reaching retirement age and need reliable young people (who can commit to a 4+ year program) to pass their knowledge and even their businesses on to.

LockAware is leading the charge to train and place Post-9/11 Veterans in the Locksmithing / Physical Security trade. We're working with New Directions for Veterans and the California Institute of Locksmithing to develop a specialized Locksmith training program for Veterans at the Los Angeles VA.  

LockAware is committed developing a scalable training program capable of connecting Veteran apprentices with Locksmith mentors nationwide.


Minimizing Fraud

LockAware's main objective is to minimize the highly-prevalent yet largely unrecognized "locksmith scams" and other types of "service fraud" that affect tens of millions of Americans each year.

By increasing public awareness about locksmith scams and reclaiming lost marketshare by partnering with America's most ethical and proficient Locksmith companies, LockAware is making a stand to protect Americans from "locksmith fraud."

LockAware is committed to supporting independent ethical American Locksmiths nationwide and minimizing the scale and impact of "locksmith fraud."


Great Locksmiths today and tomorrow.

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