LockAware Service Protocol v.2.0

How to work with LockAware


  1. Dispatch Has you Covered
    We’ll Call You when we have a job in your area:
    1. Emergency Service Request Procedure
      1. Respond with (1) if you’re ready to go immediately or available to schedule the job
      2. Respond with (2) if you can be en route soon (on the road within 20-30 minutes)
      3. Respond with (3) if you can be there same day
      4. Respond with (4) if you can’t make it same day
    2. Standard Service Request Procedure
      1. Respond with (1) if you can schedule the job
      2. Respond with (2) if you cannot schedule the job

We’ll send you an email or an SMS message to confirm your assignment and provide full job details.



  1. Arrival
    Text us when you arrive onsite and connect with the customer.

    1. Text (1) if you successfully connect with the customer /
    2. Text (2) if there is an issue (customer no-show) - we’ll call or text you back ASAP


  1. Assessment, Approval, and Service
    1. Assess customer’s actual needs and wishes
      1. What does the customer actually need?
      2. Will I need to show the customer how to use hardware? Should I coordinate that with the customer?
      3. Any other wishes?
      4. (If Closing Instructions are not specified in the work order) Where / with whom should I drop off keys?
    2. Note any changes on the work order and obtain customer’s approval of changes
      1. If the customer’s needs vary from what is on the work order, and don’t exceed the DNE you don’t need to call us, just have the customer sign off on changes on the work order itself.
      2. If the changes requested exceed the DNE (if applicable) on the work order, please call LockAware HQ.
    3. Complete service & ensure customer satisfaction / competency
      1. Please complete the service as requested by the customer or as indicated on the work order.
      2. Please ensure that the customer knows how to use any new hardware and knows what you did, any problems you encountered, and any recommendations you made.
  2. Close Job with LockAware
    Fill us in on the juicy details!
    1. Call the LockAware Close Line to close the job. Clearly state your name and company, the JID (Job ID), the current time, and what services were performed also fill us in on problems / recommendations so that we're all on the same page.
    2. Send your itemized invoice and any changes/approvals to jobs@lockaware.com within three (3) business days of service completion. Be sure to include the JID in the subject line of your emails.

We'll follow up with our clients to make sure they’re happy and feeling safe! We’ll pass along any compliments and feedback to you so you know how you’re doing.

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