Why Home Hardening? Why Now?

After a consecutive 10-year decrease in crime, property crimes have risen for the past two years in Los Angeles. 

According to the FBI, nearly 30 percent of burglaries occur with a victim present inside the home. Whether victims are home or not, burglary is a traumatic, invasive, and costly crime. Victims must literally "pick up the pieces" after a burglary since 60 percent of burglaries involve a door or window being broken for criminals to gain entry.

After burglars trash a home, taking what they want, victims must then figure out which stolen property is even covered by the insurance policy, if the property was registered beforehand. Cash and jewelry are often insured to a maximum of $1000-$2000 and many insurance policies will only pay victims the "actual cash value" of stolen property, meaning the insurer will likely deduct for depreciation.

Top police agencies recommend reinforcing your doors, locks, and windows before crime happens, don't wait until it's too late.

Slow Response Times to alarm calls


Myth: Criminals avoid homes with alarm systems and cameras since the police and alarm companies respond quickly to alarm calls.


While this may have been true in the past, in today's criminal landscape, burglars increasingly ignore alarm systems and cameras, opting to complete their crime quickly before police and alarm companies can respond.

In affluent communities with rapid police response times, criminals head straight for the master bedroom, exiting the house in less than four minutes.

Be Safe > Feel Safe

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Myth: You are safe in your home with an alarm system and cameras.


Alarm systems and cameras do nothing to stop or slow an intruder once they have chosen to ignore the alarm / cameras and enter a home.


Only Physical Security makes it a louder, longer, and harder process for intruders to enter a home, providing you or your loved ones valuable time to prepare while criminals tire themselves out and attract attention.

Low solve-rate / recovery rate for burglaries


Myth: The police catch burglars and recover stolen possessions and if not, they are covered by Homeowners Insurance anyway.


Only 12% of burglaries are solved each year in the United States and property recovery rates for small items like jewelry and electronics hover at around 2% even if criminals are later caught.

While some items may be covered by Homeowner's Insurance, chances of recovering family heirlooms like jewelry or electronics containing precious data are slim.

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